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Wait, that’s not cool, now I’ve gotta change my LinkedIn profile! – (Artist Formerly Known as Right Intel Social Media Ninja)

As a public service, I like to periodically check in on the number of self-proclaimed social media “gurus,” “ninjas,” “masters” and “mavens” on Twitter. Why? Well, it seems like an important metric, an indicator of something.

Whatever it means, this is one indicator that is most definitely on the rise. In January 2013, the number of Twitter users with “social media” as part of their bio has grown to epic proportions. The list now tops 181,000 – up from a mere 16,000 when we first started tracking them in 2009, according to FollowerWonk.

Today, there are even 174 people who describe themselves as “social media whores” in their Twitter bios. (We couldn’t make that sort of thing up.)

Twitter bios allow a mere 140 characters, plus a URL. Therefore, one most boil one’s bio down to what one thinks represents one’s most essential facts. .

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