Three Marketers Walk Into a Content Marketing Bar…


Earlier this week, we had three prominent local online marketers come into the Right Intel offices. They gave their views on content marketing in conjunction with the Right Intel software. Although each one comes from a similar background, each one has a different view on how SEO, Social Media and PR work coincide with content marketing.

After our insightful meeting, I stumbled upon an article from Lee Odden, where he opens up by saying “Marketers are really jumping on the content bandwagon while the definition of what “content marketing” really means varies greatly between the SEO, PR, advertising and custom publishing industries.” This got me thinking, “How does the definition of content marketing differ from each silo of digital marketing?” I decided to see how content marketing looks in the lenses of SEO, social media and PR by finding recent articles from known experts in each field. Click through the slide deck below to view the comparison.

The View of Three Marketers

Three marketers walk into a content marketing bar; once inside, one notices the waitress, one notices the beer on tap, and the other notices the music playing. Let each represent what you will, but often times, online marketers only focus on their aspect of content marketing, and struggle to look at the strategy as a whole.

Content focused on the Customer

In an article by Harvard Business Review, marketers commented on how the sales funnel, as we know it, is collapsing; strongly from fact that the business and selling process is no longer linear. Customers are jumping in the funnel at different points, not progressing as planned, or even move back in the funnel. One popular notion replacing the funnel is the “customer decision journey” where a prospect moves through an ongoing set of touchpoints before, during, and after a purchase.

Today’s content marketing can really take advantage of the “new’ sales funnel or customer decision journey. A content marketing strategy should focus on creating content completely on the customer journey and buying processes involved. Each time a customer comes in at a certain part of the funnel, or cycle, you have the next piece of content ready to progress them on your buying path.

Going back to Lee’s article, he laments on the fact that content marketing from a narrow perspective of SEO, social media or PR often misses concepts of ‘customer journey,” “buying cycle,” “customer insights” in the content creation process.

To change this, get your digital marketers into the content marketing bar, and get them talking to each other. Let them develop a content strategy that involves the unique opportunities that each one offers in the view of what the customer needs.

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