Three Tips for Building a Killer Pitch

Create a killer pitch for your big idea using three tips: be clear, be vulnerable and be necessary.

Pitches–they’re inroads to cash or key partnerships. And you need to build a killer pitch to get your message heard. But what makes for a killer pitch? It comes down to storytelling.

At the core, great pitches tell stories. They put the right people on the edge of their seats, so they’re asking for more and hungry to be characters in your story’s next chapter. Great pitches, like great stories, get people to ask what’s next, invest, sign up for your mailing list, buy the next three books in a mediocre series about sparkly vampires.

Amazing pitches inspire action. To help you craft a great pitch, I sat down with two professionals who are in the business of helping people and their ideas thrive in the right environments: a speaking coach and a venture capitalist.

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