Training & Resources

Getting started with Sharpr.

First things first! Install our tools:

“Sharp It” tool: Quickly and easily add articles into Sharpr.

Install SHARP IT! Tool

Chrome Extension: Crop, annotate and add text to screenshots for post images.

Install Chrome Extension

Want a quick overview?

On the go?

Mobile “Sharp It!” tool: Like the desktop version, add posts directly from your mobile browser (click link from your phone to install). Works on Android, iPhone or tablets.

Install Mobile Sharp IT! Tool

Interested in something more in-depth? Join one of our weekly webinars. 

Intro to Sharpr

A great overview of the system for new users.

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We’ll cover:

  • Intro to the system
  • Installing tools
  • Adding post to Sharpr
  • Quick look at Curate
  • Working on your Intel tab
  • Creating emails
  • Overview of Stories
  • Settings
  • Q&A


Tips, Tricks and Best Practices

Already familiar with the system and looking for something more advanced?

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We’ll cover:

  • Advanced “Intel It!” functions
  • Best practices for the screencap extension
  • Setup and usage of your Curate tab
  • Going in-depth into Email options
  • Using Stories
  • Admin tab
  • Settings
  • Q&A