Twitter Taps Data Giant to Connect Dots Between Tweets and Store Purchases

According to the Datalogix findings, Twitter users who’ve interacted with the brands’ promoted tweets purchased 12% more of the brands’ products in stores. Users who had merely seen a promoted tweet — which comes at no cost to advertisers – purchased 2% more.

Now that advertisers are starting to spend real money on Twitter, the pressure is on to prove that those investments deliver tangible results. Twitter took a step in that direction today by announcing its partnership with the data giant Datalogix to gauge the impact of tweets — both paid and organic — on sales for consumer packaged goods marketers.

Datalogix and Twitter find the correlation between tweets and purchases by matching email addresses that have been scrambled — or “hashed” — to ensure users’ anonymity. Twitter users provide an email address when registering their account, and Datalogix collects emails through loyalty programs. (Datalogix has a similar deal with Facebook to connect users and their purchases.)

Twitter provides data sets consisting of users who’ve been exposed to a given brand’s tweets and ones who haven’t to Datalogix, which has a vast repository of purchase data. It can then use email matching to track how many people in those groups have recently purchased the brand’s product.

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