We aren't experts (And that's a good thing.)

“We talk a lot in marketing about the importance of being good storytellers. Well, we need to be good story changers, because telling a story isn’t enough. Customers can see right through a great story about a lousy product.” – Mike Orren of Speakeasy

Everybody in our shop knows that I’m tempted to throw out any resume or solicitation that contains the phrases “social media expert” or “guru. I just don’t see how there can be any experts in a field that didn’t exist ten years ago.

That’s why I’ve thusfar populated our team with people who know marketing, editorial and business strategy. Core expertise in those areas can be leveraged using all the latest social media tools.

I saw a Forbes article today that took my expert-phobia a step further, arguing that our industry has reached “The End of the Expert.” Based on a new book by Razorfish chairman Clark Kokich, the gist is that we are in the middle of such a sea change that expertise isn’t enough:

Source: SPEAKEASY 11/17/2012

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