Web Design Agency Reveals Smart Social Media Marketing Strategies

This post is courtesy of Cameron Madill, CEO of Located in Portland, Oregon, Synotac is a web design agency specializing in website redesigns and digital marketing programs.

Every so often, you’ll see a company announce through a social media channels that it now has 50,000 “Likes,” 750,000 “followers” or 250,000 “+1s.” The big numbers make them look popular, like one of the cool kids, but the figures aren’t really significant to the company if they don’t accurately represent the number of loyal customers. Web design agency experts share that quality leads and brand loyalty are about more than just social media numbers; they’re about developing relationships.

As you enter a new year, a web design agency can help you figure out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to developing and nurturing quality leads using social media strategies. Here are some tips to get the ball rolling:

Engage. Social media followers are more likely to be loyal customers if they feel like you care about them. When you engage with your customers by inviting them to participate in conversations, asking for feedback or allowing them to share a bit about their lives, they become quality followers who are more likely to invest in your company – rather than passive, inactive individuals who simply receive information about your brand.

Take the spotlight off yourself. When your social media efforts are focused on your company, the return on your marketing investment will be small. By turning the spotlight onto your followers, you exponentially increase engagement; build the relationships your company has with current and prospective customers; and foster goodwill. You can make your social media followers the stars by hosting contests, posting user-submitted photos, asking for personal stories or even sharing content your fans created.

Offer help without obligation. It’s helpful to tell your fan base about your latest products or services, but this information doesn’t do much in regards to nurturing your social media leads. Web design agency experts have learned that offering helpful, truly useful information without expecting anything in return adds value to your products or services in the eyes of your followers and sets you up as a trusted industry expert. Helpful information can include educational infographics, tips and how-to guides. For example, if you sell cake decorating supplies, you may offer cupcake decorating tips, recipes or party planning ideas.

Be accepting, open and honest. Web design agencies reveal that the brands followers trust the most are those that are transparent, honest and reliable. Never give your followers a reason to think you have something to hide. In the various social media channels, this means never deleting posts because they say something negative about your company (unless they violate the terms of the social media site); answering questions honestly; and tactfully addressing complaints and concerns. A strong brand is one that can take the good with the bad and uses negative feedback as a means to improve and grow.

Reward your followers. Customers and social media followers alike love special treatment. Increase and enhance engagement by offering your followers exclusive perks like special coupons or promotional codes; a look at upcoming products; and exclusive access to new releases. By providing meaningful perks via social media channels, you’ll encourage your fans to regularly follow your updates so they don’t miss out on your next big offering. Learn more about Synotac

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