Who Uses Instagram? Marketers, Students, and IT Workers

Women. Singles. Media Professionals. Millennials. These are the groups most likely to utilize Instagram and take note of those brands using the platform, too.


People who work in advertising and marketing are the demographic most likely to use Instagram: 10.5% of them have done so in the previous month, according to recent data from GlobalWebIndex.

The analysis asked a global panel of Internet users in the third quarter of 2013 whether they had “actively used or contributed to Instagram” in the previous month. The results were then broken down by profession, gender, age, and income.

Some key findings:

After marketers/advertisers, people age 16-24 are the demographic most likely to use Instagram (9.6% have done so in the previous month).

8.6% of all global students with Internet access surveyed use Instagram at least once a month.

IT/Internet/software workers are also among those most likely to use the service (9.6%).

People who have no children are more likely to use Instagram than those who do have kids.

Women are more likely to than men to use Instagram.

Wealthy Internet users (income in the top 25%) use the service more than those less well-off.

About the research: The report was based on data from an online survey of global Internet users conducted in 3Q13.

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