Why successful agencies lean on strategic alliances

Data can provide valuable consumer insights, but the sheer volume of information is staggering. Here’s why smart agencies rely on partnerships to navigate the increasingly complex advertising world.

It is a universal truth that today’s marketers face an increasingly complex industry. While data points become ever more useful to advertisers, the proliferation of information from varying sources in countless formats is staggering. Given this information, what is an agency to do?

John Montgomery, COO of GroupM Interaction North America, delivered a definitive answer in his keynote address at the iMedia Agency Summit in Scottsdale, Ariz., this week.

“Partnerships in our data-driven tech world are critical, and you can’t survive without it,” Montgomery said.

According to Montgomery, there is something in the “agency DNA” that compels agencies to want to do everything in-house. Montgomery conceded that the do-it-yourself businesses model worked when he began his agency career 30 years ago, but the explosion of technology has made it virtually impossible for today’s agencies to fly solo.

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