Why You Need a Curated, Authentic, Real-Time Mobile Approach to Your Disruption Strategy

When looking into the future of marketing curated, authentic and disruptive marketing trends are the absolute best way get positive responses from your consumers.


“What we need to do,” Jeff Bezos recently told ABC News, “is always lean into the future.”

That’s pretty good advice, particularly the part about “the future,” because if you just lean in, à la Sheryl Sandberg, or just lean forward, à la MSNBC, without making sure it’s toward or into something specific, like the future, you stand the risk of making people feel crowded — if, you know, there are people right there, which there often are, particularly if you work in an open-format office or a co-working space. And then those people will be, like, “Whoa, step back, close-talker!”

Likewise, if you lean backward, you obviously run the risk of falling on your butt, and if you lean sideways, people might think you have bad posture, or that one of your legs is a little shorter than the other, which is actually pretty common, and you can get special orthopedic shoes to compensate for that sort of thing, so it’s not necessarily a big deal — but I digress.

Anyway, more and more people have been coming up to me lately and saying, “Simon, you’re an influencer, a thought-leader, a visionary, and a highly sought-after expert on the seismic changes rocking the media and marketing landscapes. I need your advice. Which way should I lean?”

My answer is always, “Don’t lean — duck! Hit the deck!” And you know why? Because no matter what specific industry or sector you’re in, I can guarantee you that it’s getting disrupted … by someone like me, a disrupter. And when I disrupt, I come in like a wrecking ball — but a finely tuned, hyper-targeted one.

A lot of people think that disruption is some kind of random phenomenon, but it’s not. It’s a highly disciplined process, which is why I’ve been moving beyond disruption to something I call disruptology — the study and application of best practices for disruption.

Increasingly, I have people coming up to me and saying, “Simon, as a SEO guru, innovator, personal-development enthusiast and noted disruptologist, what’s the key piece of advice you offer your clients?”

My answer is always, “Go mobile.”

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