C Space Pulse Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs use of information collected by or through the C Space Pulse Insight Platform (the “Platform”).  This Policy supplements, but does not amend or modify, any other contractual agreements between C Space and its clients/Community Sponsors.  Any information you provide to us is also subject to C Space’s general Privacy Policy, available here: https://www.cspace.com/privacy_en-us/.

How Your Information is Used and Shared and Protected

Any information you provide, including your user name and/or login details, may be used to determine whether you meet the criteria for a Platform account and to communicate with you regarding the Platform and/or services offered by C Space.

We will ensure that the information you submit to us is protected and secure.  Your information may be shared with our vendor, Sharpr, in connection with operating and/or hosting the Platform but will only be used consistent with this Agreement.

By accepting this Agreement and by submitting your information and participating in the Platform, you explicitly consent to use of your personal information consistent with the terms of this Agreement.

Storage and Processing of Personal Information

Personal information collected through the Platform may be hosted, stored, processed and/or supported in your country of residence or any other country in which C Space, its clients or its subcontractors or agents maintain facilities, including the United States.  By logging into the Platform, you explicitly consent to any transfer of your information outside your country of residence.