Sharpr on IFTTT


We’ve added hundreds of new ways to send content into and pull content from your Sharpr hubs!

IFTTT integration will enable you to simplify your existing workflows and create new time-saving routines. Below are some examples of the IFTTT recipes that are possible.

Save a file to Sharpr when:

  • I get an attachment in GMail or save a file to Dropbox/Box/Google Drive/Microsoft OneDrive/DropSend.
  • I add a picture with a certain tag to Flickr/Instagram/iOS Photos.
  • I publish a video to YouTube/Vimeo.


Create a post in Sharpr when:

  • A new story is posted to NPR/NewsBlur/RSS/Feedly/New York Times/Reddit/Instapaper/ReadingPack with a certain topic or tag.
  • I make a post to Blogger/WordPress/Evernote/Facebook/Tumbler/LinkedIn/Weebly/Instapaper/Pocket/SMS/Email with a certain tag.
  • I save a URL for reading later on Readability/Pocket.


When someone creates a post in Sharpr with a certain tag:

  • Add the source URL to Declicious/iOS Reading List/Inoreader/Bitly bookmark (bitmark).
  • Add an event to Google Calendar/iOS Reminders/Office 360 Calendar.
  • Send me an alert by Slack/SMS/Yo/Chatter/Yammer/Campfire/iOS notification/Android notification/Pushbullet/Quip/Kato/A Smart Watch or other Wearable.
  • Add the post details to a Google Spreadsheet
  • Publish the post to Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn/Tumbler/OneNote, WordPress/Blogger/Pinterest/Instapaper/ReadingPack
  • Schedule publishing on Buffer.


Visit the Sharpr channel on IFTTT!