Sharpr is a Knowledge Platform that meets the specific needs of Insights and Innovation Professionals. Easily load, find, organize and share content. The patented technology makes documents, articles, and videos easily searchable. The Knowledge Platform design is intuitive and easy to learn and use. An integrated email newsletter function makes it easy to push insights to people who need them and advanced security and user permissions give you added control and flexibility.

Businesses today are often hampered by siloed departments and vertical groups. When you have silos, most people have minimal interest or understanding of how their roles impact the overall organization. 

Our Knowledge Platform allows departments, groups, and individual functions to easily discover, share, collaborate and transform the most important content into useful, meaningful knowledge.  This leads to better communication, more learning, increased morale, and overall improved results for your company.


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Discover and Share Trends

Use our curation tools to discover, add insight, and share the latest trends including market news, competition, and innovation.


Use our search tools to easily search across the entire knowledge platform for keywords in any of your curated content.


Collaborate with others by commenting, liking and mentioning colleagues.


Easily share your content through an integrated email and newsletter tool.

Advanced Sharing

Sharpr allows you to push content to screens setup inside your office (digital newsroom), setup private webpages, or push content to other applications using RSS feeds or our API.

Responsive Design

Curate, collaborate, and share on desktop or any tablet, phone, or device.

SSO (Single Sign On)

Sync users and passwords between Sharpr and your corporate user management system.

Sharpr is helping us to more quickly curate quantitative data and collect qualitative information.

Alisa Leonard, CEO Q