How to Configure Provisioning for Sharpr

This integration with Okta is currently under development and is not available to customers yet. Contact to learn more.


The Okta/Sharpr Provisioning integration currently supports the following features:


In order to configure Okta Provisioning with Sharpr, you will need to contact Sharpr Support ( and request a SCIM API token. If you have more than one hub, please specify which should be the default for users who are provisioned through this integration. If you prefer to specify the default hub based on the users’ email domains or divisions, specify those requirements when contacting support.

Step-by-Step Configuration Instructions

You’ll begin by enabling API Integration:

  1. Check the Enable API Integration box.
  2. For Base URL, enter
  3. For API Token, enter the SCIM API token you received from Sharpr Support.
  4. Click Test API Credentials to verify the settings.
  5. Click Save.

Next, specify the types of provisioning you would like to enable:

Set your SSO settings to user Email as the username format:

Set your username format to Email address in your provisioning settings:

Finally, configure the Sharpr Attribute Mappings:

Note: The user’s email is also their userName on Sharpr. division is used only for mapping a user to their default hub if needed.

Troubleshooting and Tips

Nothing here yet – contact us at if you encounter any issues.